Pursuant to Article 11 of the Statute, the organs of the TÜRK-AY shall be the Board of Members, the Congress and the Permanent Secretariat.

The Board of Members shall be composed of the Presidents or Heads of the constitutional courts with member status. The Presidents or Heads shall be accompanied by their Secretary General, or, where appropriate, a member of their court or institution or of its secretariat (Article 12). It is the central decision-making body of the TÜRK-AY. The Board shall insofar as possible hold at least one (1) meeting between the Congress dates and, in principle, on the day preceding the opening of the Congress and also before the closing of the Congress (Article 15).

It shall, in principle, meet at the seat of the member responsible for organizing the next Congress, with simple majority. In a particular case, the Board of Members may fix another venue. The Board of Members shall take decisions by two thirds (2 / 3) majority of the members present at a meeting. However, dissolution of the Conference shall be effected by a unanimous decision of the members. Each member shall have one (1) vote (Article 18).

The Congress shall be composed of Members, observers and guests. However, observers and guests may not participate in voting or decision-making (Article 19). The TÜRK-AY holds in principle a Congress once every two (2) years. The Congress comprises an opening and a closing session as well as the debates. The Congress shall start with a solemn opening session. It shall end with a special closing session. The Board of Members shall designate a chairperson for each meeting in the Congress (Article 20).

The Permanent Secretariat shall be operated by the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Türkiye located in Ankara, Türkiye, in coordination with the member holding the term Presidency. Its competences are determined under Article 21 of the Statute. For more information, see Permanent Secretariat