Permanent Secretariat

According to Article 21 of the Statute, the Permanent Secretariat shall be operated by the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Türkiye located in Ankara, Türkiye, in coordination with the member holding the term Presidency.

The competences of the Permanent Secretariat are as below:

(a) to provide central administration support;

(b) to ensure proper communication among members;

(c) to manage the Conference’s interactive website (to publish the judgments, decisions and academic works through a central system which will ensure member courts’ access to case-law);

d) to issue the Journal of Turkic States’ Constitutional Jurisdiction (an annual or semi-annual academic journal);

(e) to assist the Term President Court in organizing the regular meetings (Board of Members and Secretary Generals’ Meetings, Congress);

(f) to assist the Congress in its works and proceedings;

(g) to organize symposia, workshops and seminars;

(h) to keep record of the activities organized and to create an archive;

(i) to coordinate sharing of experiences and requests for technical assistance;

(j) to coordinate the study visits among the member courts upon request by the relevant courts;

(k) to keep record of data to facilitate such visits and to provide consultancy on these issues; and

(l) to coordinate such issues as training, internship etc. programs in the countries of member courts upon request by the relevant party.